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Introduction WELCOME TO EZENMARINE Boats with Safe and Clean Appearance! EZEN will grow with you by creation of new values
is a product of the Korean manufacturer, EZEN, which is exported to US and Ewope in the same brand name. The company has succeeded in mechanally producing its liflatable boats which was previously manufactured manually with a bonding method and successtiily launched its sales ii Korea, beginning from US through to Europe. The quality of its prockicts has afreacty been approved through sales in US and Europe markets as well as ISO. Now, it is a global trend that more and more people prefer mechanically manufactured boats to the manual counterpart, and we guarantee that ow boats satisfy your unique needs. Besides, we provide the final product under our strict standards on manufacturng process that does not allow an inch of error by applying the computer programming solution to every design and pattern.
Dedicated to rubber boats and anti?o pollution materials, EZEN is committed to development of a new technology, equipped with ete specialists and research teams based on its years of experience and know-how ii R&D. It has also obtained a number of patents as well as official approvals of the National Maritime Police Agency. Especialy, Ezen has been dedicating to production of various types of oil absorbents, oil fence, oil treatment agents, oil and water separators, oil skimmers, filth isolators, etc, and the performance and quality of such products has been recognized as excellent compared with other foreign counterparts.