Company Nailace Co.,Ltd.
CEO Name Sun Kyoung, Shin
Telephone ☎ +82-32-572-4141
Fax ☎ +82-32-572-4143
Address , 178-330 Ga-Jwa 1 dong, Seo-Gu, Incheon, Korea
Selling Category [K_040107030000] Manicure Implements



Founded in 1992, Nailace Co., Ltd. is currently one of the leading manufacturers and exporters 
of nail files, nail buffers, image shine buffers, and foot files, and is located in South Korea.

     We have exported these products to major markets in Japan, North America, and Europe since
1992. We have made great strides in our new techniques and products through continuous research based on our longstanding business experiences.

     We have an extensive range of products, as well as all kinds of custom designs. OEM production is also available.
It will our pleasure to provide any possible support your company needs, and help you with your business. 
We solemnly promise to be a trustworthy partner to your business.