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Buttle Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Effective system Contact Center Customer Service Software - PriSat

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    Buttle Information Systems Co., Ltd.
    Model PriSat
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    Republic of Korea
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    Contact Center Customer Service Software
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    CS (For companies, customers, employees)
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    Eliminate manual tasks by Automating report management
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PriSat - Complaint Management Solution


This solution helps customers easily deal with their complaints through one call and internet access to the contact centers of enterprises and public institutions at once. It provides high-quality complaint service that customers are impressed with through the integrated work system of handling complaints, such as tracking of handling complaints, management, and linkage between departments. It also offers agents the optimized work environment.









• Integrate mixed channels by department and on/off-line
• Handle Call, Visit, Homepage, Fax, E-mail, Statistics, etc. on the system
• Handle Reception, Handling, Statistics, etc. on the same system 
• Support cooperation and interaction between departments
• Convenient for registering VOC anytime, anywhere by integrating contact channels
• Standardize the service by the construction of standard VOC handling process
• Efficient VOC handling using the information that was handled, accumulated, integrated and shared
• Accumulation of VOC cases and History management
• Job manual, FAQ, Data Room, Case Registration, etc.
• Dashboard Function (Schedule mgmt., Performance mgmt., Bulletin board, etc.)
• Screen flows that considered work process
• Structured system design
• Share the VOC information by the connection with related system
• The complete implementation of linkage with the legacy system
• Utilize various channel systems with simple operation
• A variety of statistics according to the types of complaint / cause / action
• Support the task improvement based on accurate analysis statistics
• Eliminate manual tasks by automating report management




[Expected effect]


For companies


• Establish the process of quick receipt and response by integrated management of VOC

• Improve productivity of VOC task by standardization of processing VOC

• Support the best decision- making by understanding and analyzing the information of customers and VOC processing

• Satisfy customers through the process that manages customer’s need and improves the problems 


For customers


• Optimal service through improving customer service

• Customized answering service by organization responsible for processing by the VOC type

• Easy to deliver VOC anytime, anywhere

• Policy decision-making that reflected customer’s need


For employees


• Improves the service mind to customers and positively changes the mind to service work

• Fair and appropriate assessment of VOC processing history

• Reduce processing hours and workload through the simplification and systematization of work process.

• Improve and specialize the abilities of workers through the application of accumulated information .


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  • Name : Yeonghan Lee
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 43 Digital-ro 34-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul (08378)
Buttle Information Systems

Buttle Information Systems

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    Hwayong Lee
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    43 Digital-ro 34-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul (08378)
Buttle Information Systems was established in 1998. We are a leading company of the CTMS(Computer Telephony Management System) field. Based on our accumulated technology, experience, and excellent professional manpower, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction with the best techniques. We are expanding our business to South East Asia, starting with Beijing cooperation in 2005, with a vision to have South-East Asia and European Market shares. Especially, Buttle Information Systems selected as Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service, 2014 by Gartner which is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. Buttle Information Systems is a leading contact center customer service software vendor in Korea. It stands out in our search for Cool Vendors due to its deep understanding of Korea's contact center requirements, its effective go-to-market strategy to successfully target Korea's top banks and insurance companies, and a solid track record of successful implementation. The contact centers in Korea are technologically mature, but Korean companies tend to have localized requirements. Thus, Korea has been a very difficult market for many multinational contact center software vendors to penetrate. The vendor directly competes with global CRM vendors (such as SAP, Oracle, salesforce.com and Microsoft), as well as with other Korea contact center software vendors (such as MPC, Bridgetec and Hansol Inticube). Buttle has built a very impressive client list in its strongest industry, financial services and insurance. Currently, over 50 financial institutions in Korea, including almost all the top banks, credit card companies and insurance companies, use Buttle's contact center software. Many of them use not just one, but many (if not all) products offered by Buttle to support their contact centeroperations. Buttle offers a fairly complete total software solution — one that meets the requirements of most Korean companies' contact centers. The solutions include two core customer engagement center platforms for small and large organizations. The vendor also provides a range of supporting applications, such as Web chat (PriChat), KM (PriWay), contact center workforce management(PriView), voice of the customer (PriSat), contact center service analytics (CurrentPoint), multichannel campaign management (PriMax) and a strong multichannel contact center call routing engine (PriContact). Buttle also has specific contact center customer service products designed particularly for industries in Korea, such as for the finance and insurance, logistics, and public sectors.
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  • Main Product :
    Contact Center Customer Service Software PriContact, Contact Center Customer Service Software PriMax, Contact Center Customer Service Software PriSat
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    101~500 people


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