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Touchscreen, Interactive Kiosk(Indoor)

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  • Brand
    Model Safe Touch Kiosk(I)
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    21~60 Inch
  • Package Includes
    Stable performance
  • Features
    No interference from sunlight and indoor backlight
  • Function
    Air touch function without contacting the glass surface
  • Expiry Date
    1 to 3 year
Touchscreen, Interactive Kiosk
IRON-SafeTouch(I) is a unique, technology-leading ITGO Indoor touch solution with SafeTouch™ technology and Anti-Solar™ technology.
SafeTouch™ Technique
Prevention of infection from contact
Conventional touch kiosk, in which a finger touches a glass surface to perform a touch function, should clean the touch surface as often as possible with a prescribed cleaning solution to minimize the risk of infection by multiple users. However, cleaning alone does not guarantee the safety of consumers.

SafeTouch™ Technology is an ITGO technology that provides stable touch functions without touching a person's hand on the touch surface and can be protected from the risk of infection through the touch surface.
Anti-Solar™ Technique
Non influence by disturbance light

Anti-Solar™ technology is an innovative technology that dramatically improves disturbance light interference. It is a technology that does not have any deterioration in touch function even when an infrared sensor is fully exposed to sunlight and other strong lighting lights in indoor and semi-indoor.
Key features
Non-contact touch with SafeTouch™

IRON-SafeTouch(I) allows the user to recognize the touch close to the display screen without touching the touch screen. This non-contact touch technology is a product that can reduce the risk of infectious diseases such as corona in recent years being touched by touch surfaces and keep the system clean even in unsanitary situations such as bacteria and dust. IRON's non-contact touch have
- Space 20 to 30mm away from the display screen & Green color indicator in space touch area
- Fast touch response speed under 8ms

Free installation with Anti-Solar™

IRON-SafeTouch(I) is designed not to be affected by sunlight and instantaneous Shadow interference as well as foreign matter and Rain interference, so it can be installed freely at indoor windows side, building entrances. This can improve the user's convenience and operator's space utilization efficiency.

Simple and convenient design

IRON-SafeTouch(I) has a simple and convenient design by stylized a 2-bar (left and right) touch sensor, unlike the existing 4-bar infrared touch structure. The 2-Bar structure provides the convenience of operation management, and can solve the problem of foreign matter accumulation at the bottom of the normal 4-Bar touch sensor structure.
Active Screen Size 31.5"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Technology IPS
Resolution 1920 x 1080(FUll-HD)
Brightness 500nits
Viewing Angle 178°(Hor & Ver)
Backlight Lifetime 50,000hours
Response Time 8ms typical
Ambient Light Sensor Automatically adjust LCD brightness to ambient light
Digital Faces Single-sided portrait
Protective Glass
Layout Attached to the enclosure
Protection/Thickness Half-tempered Glass/3mm
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare, Haze 5%±2
Transmittance >90%
Industrial PC
CPU Intel Bay Trail SoC Process N2930 1.8GHz
RAM 4GB(Upgradeable to 8GB, Optional)
Storage 64GB(Upgradeable to 512GB, Optional)
Operating System Windows 10
Network RJ45 LAN
AV Speaker Max 10W x 2ea
Camera/WI-Fi Optional
I/O 1 x USB3.0/3 x USB2.0/2 x RS232
Touch Sensor
Structure 2-Bar TYpe
Layout on system •Overlay assembly separated from Glass
•Left and right side of the front of the enclosure
Space Touch Depth 20~50mm height from the display glass surface
Touch space indicator Green color
Multi-Touch Points Typical 2 points
Touch Response Time <10ms @ multi touch
Touch Sensor Technology Advanced IR(Infra Red) touch
•Anti-Solar Filter Technology
•Safe Touch Technology
Performance •IP54
360-degree durability for sunlight interference(solar Interference at any angle or direction)
•Immune against dust matter, rainy and shadow on the touch sensor
Functions(Real-Time) •Remote alarm monitoring(Sensor surface detection and operating status)
•False-TOuch recognition(Prevents unintentional touch recognition such as birds as insects, or sudden foreign objects)
Application Indoor & Semi-outdoor
Dimension 500(W) x 1674(H) x 91(Touch display depth)
Weight <50kg
OPerating Temp. 0° ~ +40°C
Input Power AC 100V ~ 240v @50/60Hz
External AC Input 1 Port, Empth hall 1port
Housing Structure(enclosure & Touch) 1.6mm thickness galvanized steel cover with powder coating
Warranty 1 to 3 year
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  • Name : Lee jun goo
  • Tel : 82326242083
  • Email : leejg@itgocorp.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 397 Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14449)
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    Lee jun goo
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    397 Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14449)


Our products are innovative products optimized for stable operation in extreme outdoor environments -. Operating Temperature: -30 degrees to +50 degrees (four seasons, 24/7 operation for years) -. Reliability Guaranteed Operation Environment : Secured touch function and durability of the system even in strong sunlight, heavy rain and see beach condition -. Built-in Advanced Dual Cooling Control System for reliability -. Glass surface non-contact touch function (space touch) : protects users from infection issues such as COVID-19 through the glass surface of touch www.itgocorp.com
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    SafeTouch Kiosk(Outdoor, Indoor)
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    11~50 people


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